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Why Choose Lauren?

Why Choose Lauren?

You Matter

Lauren understands how important having a stable home-life is. For this reason, she deeply cares for each and every client who has needs of her services. She will promptly answer questions you have and respond to your emails. You will be more than just a client. You will matter to her.

She Will Accept You

Lauren understands we all have different paths in life. As someone who is both a domestic violence survivor and a member of the LGBTQ community, she knows how difficult some situations are. She will show compassion if you are dealing with trauma. She will not discriminate regardless of your race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, criminal history, or other social group, and, if you have preferred pronouns, she will use them, irrespective of whether you are binary or non-binary. She will accept you.

She Will Work Within Your Budget

Lauren’s family went through a divorce when she was in high school, so she has seen first-hand the financial pressures associated with divorce proceedings. She knows how many sacrifices are made when couples divorce or are disputing custody. As such, she will discuss with you cost-effective methods in resolving your legal dispute so that you can enjoy what really matters: your family.

She Specializes in Family Law

While some attorneys view domestic relations as a secondary specialty, for Lauren it’s her passion. Her training and focus revolves around family law. She takes great joy knowing she has spent her legal career helping clients restore normalcy in their lives. For this reason, she encourages you to learn more about her or contact her to schedule a free consultation. She looks forward to hearing from you!

Lauren D’Alessandro

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Lauren is located in Newtown, Pennsylvania and provides legal services for Bucks County, Philadelphia County, and Montgomery County. She specializes in family law and provides services for a whole range of family law matters. Whether you are seeking…

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